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26 January 2011

Kent Ridge Park Trail

65c : Straw-headed Bulbul (黃冠鵯) ; 80c : White-bellied Sea Eagle (白腹海鵰)
Singapore (2010)
4th October, 2010. Kent Ridge

In September 2009, Singapore Post issued a strip of 4 stamps illustrated Kent Ridge Park Trail, which the panorama style similar as 150th anniversary of foundation of Singapore Botanic Gardens, issued on 2009. These two stamp sets specially illustrated three different bird species, Mute Swan (疣鼻天鵝) in Singapore Botanic Gardens but not domestic species ; Straw-headed Bulbul and White-bellied Sea Eagle appear on Kent Ridge Park Trail.

Kent Ridge Trail is a 280m long canopy walk open in October 2003 link with Kent Ridge Park and reflections at Bukit Chandu. Kent Ridge Park, southern part of Singapore. The park founded in 1954, named as commemoration of a visit by the Duchess Kent and her son on 3rd October, 1952. In 1995, the park was gazetted as World War II heritage site. The stamp value '2nd local' shown the heritage building and the related monuments.

Straw-headed Bulbul is an endangered species in south-east Asia as they losing habitat, it normally to be found in topical rainforest, lowlands, wetlands of North Borneo, Malaya Peninsula and Myanmar. White-bellied Sea Eagle lives in India, south part of Asia and coast of Australia, which is the second large raptors in Australia. It normally nesting in large trees or cliff, neighbour of other sea-eagle.

Above cover specially thanks to Singapore philatelic bureau, be sent on Kent Ridge and the anniversary day of park opening.
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