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9 January 2011


Ruff (流蘇鷸)
Switzerland (1997)
20th November, 1997. Bern (first day cancellation)
18th October, 2010. Köniz

Thanks to Zasa for this nice first day cover, unfortunately it was damaged by someone in Hongkong who affix couple of 'Hongkong Postage Paid' label on the cover. Above image shown the labels removed - none of one stamp in good condition. I reported it to my delivery office but officer doesn't have idea of this situation. However, if no label overlapped, this mail is postage insufficient according to the handwriting T 1,90/1,40.

Ruff, is a beautiful wading bird to be found in Europe and Africa, when the bird migrates in winter. Males specially with blacked or white-coloured head tufts which is attract females, as its special look, in 16th to 17th century nobles kill them for woman wearing or decoration of the clothes, as a result the population has been decreased in this period. Ruff normally breeds in northern Eurasian area, but migrates to sub-Sahara area, South Asia or South Australia in winter. However some of ruffs are resident in Europe for whole year.

Until 18th century, nobles forgave to use head tufts for decoration, population of ruff increased back to normal range.
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