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24 April 2011

Arubian birds

150c : Bananaquit (蕉森鶯) ; 50c : Tropical Mockingbird (熱帶小嘲鶇)
70c : Venezuelan Troupial (擬黃鸝) ; 60c : American Kestrel (美洲隼)
Aruba (1998)

27th October, 2010. Philatelic Services, Oranjestad

Aruba is located in the south part of West Indian Islands, it is more nearby South America instead of Caribbean so the weather not similar to those islands of Caribbean. This time, the envelope shown as above selected four species commonly to be found in this island but unfortunately the envelope sent inside a packet, while originally would send by registered mail.

Tropical Mockingbird is a resident bird breeding in the range from southern Mexico to Brazil, most common to see in open area. Venezuelan Troupial, is endemic to the Netherlands Antillean also north-east of Columbia and north Venezuela. American Kestrel is widely to see from the range from Alaska to most part of South America.

These four species are not endangered and easy to be found in Aruba.
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