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11 April 2011


Northern Fulmar (暴雪鸌)
Alderney (2006)
16th November, 2010. Alderney, Guernsey

In the past, Fulmar is one genus either the bird lives in North Atlantic or sub-Antarctic areas. However as they live in different hemispheres, finally divided into two species Northern Fulmar and Southern Fulmar (銀灰暴風鸌). Fulmar is not an endangered species, it mainly visible in coast of North Atlantic with 30 million birds, and the population is increasing in recent years.

The stamp issued by Alderney which is a small island under Guernsey. Alderney began to issue stamps since early 80's years and the stamps either issued by Guernsey and Aldernsey are also valid in these two places. But, honestly speaking, most of Alderney stamps become souvenir instead of postally used.
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