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7 April 2011

Wild bird protection

From left to right :
10p : Kingfisher (普通翠鳥) ; 11½p : White-throated Dipper (河烏)
13p : Moorhen (黑水雞) ; 15p : Yellow Wagtail (黃鶺鴒)

Great Britain (1980)
30th June, 2010. Padgate Lane, Warrington
5th July, 2010. Hongkong

From 1969 to late-90's year of last century of Great Britain, perhaps the print quantity of stamps over collector's demand, most of them are selling in bargain price nowadays, thus so many people - especially for auction sellers (mostly philatelic dealers) who are happy to use them for postage to customer. Above package is a good example to shown how to use these bargain stamps and counter used label for make-up postage.

I never mind use the old stamps in present envelope, just they still valid for postage. This beautiful and classic bird stamp set issued on 1980, for 30 years ago. The stamps illustrated four common species to be found in wild area of England.
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