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29 May 2011

Barn Swallow (2)

Barn Swallow (家燕)
Estonia (2010)
27th April, 2010. Tallinn

Once again, Estonia issues its long series 'Bird of the year' on late-Spring, this year is 9th series of the issue and features Barn Swallow. Thanks Pirjo of her kindly helpful to complete my collection. Not much surprising of the stamp as Barn Swallow is very common in Europe and Asia, the stamp illustrates a flying bird while one staying on a branch on the cover, they probably are male birds. However, the most interesting thing of Barn Swallow is their nest built under eves, a stamp also issued by Estonia on 2005 is related to this situation. Below stamp, is the original sample of this Estonia stamp.

An additional description is, Barn Swallow is a national bird of Estonia.

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