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14 May 2011

Christmas Frigatebird

Christmas Frigatebird (白腹軍艦鳥)
Christmas Island (2010)

17th August, 2010. Christmas Island, West Australia
4th January, 2011. Christmas Island, West Australia

Christmas Frigatebird, as known as Christmas Island Frigatebird, is one frigatebird only breeding in Christmas Island, however it also widely visible in South China Sea, most of coast of south-east Asian countries, eastern Indian Ocean and west of South Pacific. As it mainly breeds in Christmas Islands, it can say the frigatebird is endemic to this small island in north-west of Australia. During 1988, the frigatebird listed as threatened in IUCN list while became vulnerable species in 1994. Since 2000, the frigatebird listed as critically endangered species due to the inhabit area colonised by huge of Crazy Ants (細足捷蟻), and also damaged by wildfires or cyclones.

As well as other frigatebirds, their diet mostly rob other birds caught, but they also catch fish near water surface or shallows. Male bird is in black colour except small part in white on the belly, and brownish areas on the wings. As they are frigatebird, male also has a large red and inflateable throat sac during courtship.

Same as before, mail from Christmas Island will be postmarked by attractive pictorial postmark illustrates Christmas Red Crab (聖誕島紅蟹).
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