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24 May 2011

Common Gull

Common Gull (海鷗)
Germany (2011)

1st April, 2011. Braunscnweig

Not a pretty envelope from a German dealer, it features four variety stamp but only one contains small bird, it seems hard to identify. According to news report of Birds of the world on postage stamp website, Chris identified it is Mew Gull L. c. brachyrhynchus (北美海鷗) as 'the legs are light green and the pattern of the primaries is variety for L. canus (Common Gull)'. However, Mew Gull is a sub-species of Common Gull and mostly appears on Alaska to western Canada, it is heavier than Common Gull.

However, after a week, I received an excellent cover from Wolfgang, member of Motivgruppe Ornithologie. It only features the stamp except the 5 cents stamp for make-up charge.

Common Gull (海鷗)
Germany (2011)
18th April, 2011. Mühlau, Sachsen

P.S. Also thanks to Wolfgang who sent me a mail with special pictorial postmark of 21st International Stamp Fair at Essen, the postmark features many species in forest. The bird, probably is a Golden Eagle (金雕), although it is only line-drawing and hard to identify. Golden Eagle Only appears southern Germany near border of Switzerland and Austria.

Golden Eagle (金雕)
Germany (2011)
5th May, 2011. Essen
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