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17 August 2011

Endangered birds of Belize (II)

L : Green Honeycreeper (紫蓝旋蜜雀) ; R : Harpy Eagle (角雕)
Belize (2009)

21th February, 2011. GPO (Belize City)

Continue to write about the endangered birds of Belize. The last two, Green Honeycreeper actually is not endanger in the world but in Belize, it to be found from southern Mexico to Brazil. The body in green colour can make it is easily to be invisible in wild area, the stamp illustrate male bird as feather colour of male is bluish-green while female is grassed-green. Harpy Eagle is the strongest bird of prey in America, also to be found in southern America to Brazil. As the inhabit loss and illegal bird trading, the population of the eagle is decreasing and now listed as Near Threatened class in IUCN list.
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