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3 August 2011

Buzin 2011

Northern Pintail (針尾鴨)
Belgium (2011)
0,05 € : Little Grebe (小鸊鷈) ; 0,57 € : Black Tern (黑浮鷗)
Belgium (2010, 2002)

15th January, 2011. Asse

The Buzin series seems never end, the first two came out in this 26th year are Northern Pintail and Osprey (魚鷹), low-value stamp for make-up rate value and high-value stamp for registered mail. Here it is, the first day cover with low-value stamp and some old Buzin issue.

Northern Pintail is a migratory bird as shown before. The pintail in Eurasia area mostly breeds in northern Europe and migrates to south from western Europe to sub-Shara Africa area and southern Asia.

Little Grebe and Black Tern are also common grebe and tern in Europe. The black turn has been recorded hybridisation habit between White-winged Tern (白翅黑燕鷗), the chicken of them are features characters of both species.