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15 September 2011

SOAR again

Goldfinch (紅額金翅雀)
Ireland (2011)
21st July, 2010. Dublin

After a year, second series of biodiversity SOAR was issued on July. As well as before, 8 stamps only has one features bird and it is Goldfinch. This time I arranged a maxicard and first day cover for the issue which are shown as above and below. As the labels more popular to postal customers, definitive stamps becoming useless in post office, I believe that labels to be replaced definitive stamps in future.

Goldfinch, and the definitive stamps as below, are regular and common species to Ireland.

From left to right :
Birds, definitive
20c : Northern Lapwing (鳳頭麥雞) ; 7c : European Stonechat (歐洲石䳭)
Ireland (2002, 2003)
55c : Red Deer (馬鹿)
Ireland (2011)

21st July, 2010. Dublin
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