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18 October 2011

Herons of the reef

Eastern Reef Heron (太平洋岩鷺)
Vanuatu (2007)
4th June, 2009. Port Vila

Very oddly, is it really sent on 2009 ? If you remember that I have been posted an envelope from Trinidad & Tobago is the last one cover on 2009, you may think I was writing incorrect information. However if you find the history posts under Vanuatu catalogue, you will be noted that I have two missing covers during stamp exhibition 2009. Here is one of them which receive again on September, 2010. In the time of typing this post (1st October, 2010), it really the last cover of 2009.

I don't have interest to write again Eastern Reef Heron, due to I have introduced the species before. The stamps as above originally in souvenir sheet format but as in my collecting rule, souvenir sheet is not necessary and out of range. Thus I only bough single stamps in the exhibition.

The postmark reads 'postage paid' seem meaningless. The stamps have enough for 1st grade airmail registered mail to Asia, anyway it is good luck to receive them again.
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