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2 October 2011

New definitive stamps of Singapore

65c : White-breasted Waterhen (白胸苦惡鳥)
5c : Collared Kingfisher (白領翡翠)
Singapore (2011)

13th April, 2011. Climent West
24th April, 2011. Hongkong

After the excellent definitive stamps issued on 2007, SingPost once again issues new definitive stamps on April 2011 which related to pond life, to respond The Year of Biodiversity of 2010. the stamps. Except the elliptical perforation on both top and bottom sides, iodine ink and micro-printing to be used as new security features. The stamps printed in rotogravure to obtain richly colour.

White-breasted Waterhen and Collared Kingfisher are resident birds of SE Asia. They are commonly to be found in Far East from Taiwan to northernmost of Australia.
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