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23 October 2011

Special overprint

From left to right :
White-tailed Wheatear (白腰即鳥) ; Masked Shrike (雲斑伯勞)
Palestine Sunbird (北非橙簇花蜜鳥)
Jordan (2009)

5th May, 2011. Amman

In 2009, Jordan oddly to issue a set of overprinted stamps for postage of overseas ordinary mails, they all denominations are 80Pt. However the most interesting thing is the stamps originally issued on 1970, features three species rarely to be found in stamps. These three stamps only printed with two to three colours in rotogravure methods.

White-tailed Wheatear is a resident bird widely visible in North Africa, it overalls are black but exception of the head and tail are white. The stamp seems incorrectly drawn the back in mixture of black and white features. Masked Shrike, is a migratory bird bleeds in the area between Jordan and Turkey, and then migrates to seashores of Red Sea and East Africa. Palestine Sunbird also resident bird, the activity area are north bank of Red Sea and southern Sudan and Central Africa.
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