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8 November 2011

International Polar Year

L : King Eider (王絨鴨) ; R : Brilliant-red Deep-sea Jellyfish*
Canada (2007)

Unidentified date and place

Honestly speaking, I don't like this cover, or can say that I don't like mails from Canada. Anyway, thanks James corresponded this cover. The stamp souvenir sheet in dark colour means postmark will not clearly show on envelope, and so pity that the shame inkjet postmark blurred and unreadable !

Stamps was issued to commemorate International Polar Year on 2007, I haven't buy it when local post office was selling it. The stamps feature King Eider and Brilliant-red Deep-sea Jellyfish. But please note that it is not Brilliant-red Deep-sea Jellyfish ! Scientific name imprinted incorrectly as Crossota millsaeare when correct name is Crossota norvegica !

King Eider mostly breeding in Arctic Circle and nearby sub-arctic area., surprisingly it was be found in Korea few years ago.
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