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23 November 2011

Summer visiting birds

From top-left to bottom-right :
59p : Common Cuckoo (普通杜鵑) ; 50p : Spotted Flycatcher (斑鶲)
42p : Barn Swallow (家燕) ; 86p : Common Swift (普通樓燕)
79p : Eurasian Linnet (赤胸朱頂雀) ; 64p : Greater Whitethroat (灰白喉林鶯)
Jersey (2011)

26th July, 2011. Broad Street, St. Helier

Again as last year, Jersey Post issued their fifth series of domestic birds. This time, the set features six visiting birds during summer. Thanks James sent me this nice (NOT have big demand of Jersey Post, it looks nice if you compare other non-philatelic mails of this poor island) registered mail, also not surprisingly they still using old-styled GB barcode registration label.

Are those six species only seen in summer ? I don't highly agree it. Just refer to the guide RSPB Birds of Britain and Europe, except Barn Swallow and Cuckoo, they seem resident birds to Britain and coast of France, nevertheless as Jersey is a small place in Europe and one of offshore islands to continent, the environment not attract these birds stay in there round years.

Anyway, thanks to James of this nice cover.