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2 December 2011

75th anniversary of National Trust for Jersey

From left to right :
42p/75p : Western Marsh Harrier (白頭鷂) ; 79p : Atlantic Puffin (北極海鸚)
59p : Dartford Warbler (波紋林鶯)
Jersey (2011)

25th October, 2011. Jersey

I think, or I would promise this is the last cover from Jersey ! The reason is not their stamps not nice enough but the service by their philatelic bureau is not acceptable. Following its cover, I receive a notice from philatelic bureau related to service charge of cancellation. The letter posted on soapbox meanwhile.

Anyway, look back to the stamps, not surprisingly the stamps illustrated by N. Parlett, who illustrated lots of wildlife stamps of Jersey. The stamp set, 5 stamps only 3 are birds. An extra one - 75p, as well as 42p stamp but specially change the mill (as known as La Caumine) in green colour ! It was not computer effect as the mill really painted in green to commemorate 75th anniversary of National Trust for Jersey, only few hours it turned white after inundated with complaints from angry Islanders.

Atlantic Puffin (北極海鸚)
Jersey (2011)
25th October, 2011. Jersey
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