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19 December 2011

Singapore Peranakan Museum

Singapore Peranakan Museum (土生華人博物館)
Singapore (2008)
16th March, 2011. Clementi West

Peranakan is a group of Chinese who immigrated to Melaka area during 15th to 16th century, after years those Chinese effected by local Malays. As their long-term history in this region, their instruments, gadgets, clothes to accessories are specially mixing with Chinese and Malaya styles, in sharp charmed colours with decorated Chinese luckily plants, animals and birds. In 2008, Singapore specially built a museum to commemorate and show above things of Peranakan culture. A set of 8 stamps issued on the meanwhile to show collection of the museum and 4 of them which are instruments or accessories with bird decoration.

Stamps from left to right are decorations of Phoenix (鳳凰) which is imitation luckily bird in Chinese culture, Tree Sparrow (麻雀), Common Pheasant (雉雞) and Red-crowned Crane (丹頂鶴) respectively. They normally painted on porcelain, jewellery and clothes.
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