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4 January 2012

Definitive of Gibraltar

From left to right :
E : Eurasian Hoopoe (戴勝) ; 5p : Eurasian Eagle-Owl (鵰鴞)
2p : Balearic Shearwater (巴利阿裡剪嘴鷗) ; 1p : Woodchat Shrike (林鶺伯勞)
Gibraltar (2008)

30th March, 2011. Gibraltar

Unfortunately, until now, my order from Gibraltar still disappear even the post office sent me twice by registered mail. I don't know what reason of this and also a mail from Spain which contains cash not arrive safety. I give up to wait and only can show above cover received on June - it the third one in my collection. Four low-value definitive stamps are affixed on the cover. The background of the stamps, also interesting to show the sight of Rock of Gibraltar in different weathers and visions.

Three of birds except the shearwater are common to be found in southern European countries. However Balearic Shearwater now is endangered bird only actives offshore of Gibraltar and France, area of Mediterranean Sea ; and also North Sea.
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