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15 February 2012

Voyageurs National Park

Great Northern Diver - Voyageurs National Park (普通潛鳥, 探險家國家公園)
United States (1999)

1st April, 2011. Ranier, Minnesota

Voyageurs National Park is a woodland area located in the border of United States and Canada, it was established in 1975 to commemorate the voyageurs from Europe. It has 461km² wilderness area be protected.

Above old aerogramme is one of the very last aerogrammes issued by USPS and after that the product line did not continuous. For decorated photos are related to the wild animal and sights of national park. Imprinted stamp is Great Northern Diver which is a very common loon in northern United States and Canada, and also it is a state bird of Minnesota. The bird breeding in the state and nearby areas, then migrate to south for winter.

Another sights in the aerogramme are aurora and Lake Kabetogama.
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