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Due to heavy reconstruction of this webpage, this blog is temporary suspended to renew in this summer, it will be updated again after late-autumn, thank you for your visits in these 9 years.

30 March 2012

Last day of Mayotte stamps

Eastern Cattle Egret (牛背鷺)
Mayotte (1998)
31st December, 2011. Mtzamboro

In last post of Mayotte, I have introduced that the last issue of Mayotte is December 31. Although it was not a bird stamp, I still obtained the postmark on this day from Mtzamboro, the northwest-most post office in Mayotte. After this day, begin from January 1, 2012. French stamps will be used on this 101th overseas department, as well as Reunion or Guadeloupe.

24 March 2012

Icterine Warbler

Icterine Warbler (綠籬鶯)
Latvia (2011)
10th October, 2011. Riga
20th October, 2011. Hong-Kong

Thanks Oleg again, I received the second series of Latvian bird issue just after few days of first issue. Icterine Warbler is the first time appears on the stamp world, it breeds in middle and sub-northern Europe and migrates to sub-Sahara area during winter. Icterine in English means yellowish colour but the Chinese name using green as the description.

It mostly to be found in woodland, also parks and gardens in the city, and near water of course. It is easy to find them in breeding seasons. In the same series, there has another stamp feature Short-toed Snake Eagle (短趾雕).

19 March 2012

Fauna series of Slovenia

From left to right :
A : Eurasian Curlew (白腰杓鷸) ; B : White-backed Woodpecker (大赤啄木)
C : Ortolan Bunting (圃鵐)
Slovenia (2011)

5th October, 2011. Službeno, Maribor

After 14 years, fauna series appears again in Slovenia issue program of 2011, the first issue was domestic birds. Not like last fauna bird issue, they are individual format instead of block of 4. And this time also issued a souvenir sheet - White Stork (白鸛). Special thanks to philatelic service of Slovenia Post, they provided excellent service of this issue, as sent the stamps as above cover.

White-backed Woodpecker (大赤啄木)
Slovenia (2011)
23rd September, 2011. Ljubljana

15 March 2012

Aerogramme of St Lucia

St. Lucia Parrot (聖盧西亞亞馬遜鸚鵡)
St Lucia (2004, aerogramme 1992)

2nd June, 2011. Castries

After years, I received another mail from this small islands country again. This time is an aerogramme features panorama of the Port of Castries, but the picture probably taken in 80's year of last century. The most interesting and attractive thing to me is, the imprinted stamp is St Lucia Parrot and Mount Gimie. The national bird of St Lucia and the highest mountain of this country. For make-up postage (perhaps do not need), two coil stamps affixed on the aerogramme, they interestingly feature the national symbols again !

St Lucia Parrot is an endemic parrot to St Lucia, sadly the population of the parrot was decreased from 1000 in 1950s to 150 in 1970s. Later on the governor took an action to conserve this national bird and now the population turned back to more than 350 parrots.

11 March 2012

Wild birds of sub-Saharan Africa - Eritrea (2)

African Darter (紅蛇鵜)
Eritrea (1997)

16th December, 2010. Asmara

Continues to show items from Eritrea, a maxicard features African Darter, it is rear to use grey-scale postcard in my collection, and it was published in 1958. Darter also a common waterbird in sub-Sahara area, as known as Snake Bird, it breeds closely to the colonies of Pygmy Cormorant (侏鸕鶿) and African Sacred Ibis (埃及聖鷺). And of course, its diet is fish but as the body of darter doesn't have oil, the feather waterlogged after diving for fish.

7 March 2012

Escola Básica Integrada de Arrifes

Braga festival masks (布拉加節日面具)
Portugal (2005)
31st May, 2011. Arrifes, Ponta Delgada

On late May, a commemorative postmark to mark the event of celebrate of 25th anniversary of EBI in Arrifes, a civil parish in Ponta Delgada, Azores. The illustration of the postmark chose Azores Buzzard (亞速爾鵟) as it is only one resident bird of prey in Azores, which is endemic subspecies of Common Buzzard (鵟). However as the illustration was too graphical, it hardly to identify and dislike buzzard, except from the Portuguese description 'O Milhapre'.

More Azores Buzzard can be found in the site Pictures and voices of European and Finnish Birds.

3 March 2012

Herring Gull or Yellow-legged Gull (2)

Thin-Lipped Grey Mullet (薄唇鯔)
Portugal (2011)
7th December, 2011. Póvoa do Varzim

In the end of the last year, Póvoa do Varzim held a philatelic exhibition and of course having variety postmarks use on each days. Póvoa do Varzim near the coastline of Atlantic Ocean, there is suitable for fishing and related industries, the city attracts thousands of seabird whole years. So one of 5 postmarks features Yellow-legged Gull (黄腿鷗), it is one common bird to be found on the beach, piers and fish markets. Although postmark shown Larus argentatus, is the scientific name of Herring Gull. Now two species are individual and southern one as Larus michahellis.

It is hard to identify Yellow-legged Gull and Herring Gull, but their inhabit places are different, Yellow-legged Gull near coastline of southern Europe while Herring Gull is the north. The important differences are the back of Herring Gull is darker and the legs of Yellow-legged Gull is in yellow colour. The Åland's aerogramme shown the Herring Gull.

Herring Gull (銀鷗)
Åland (1996)
16th February, 2012. Sviby, Mariehamn

The stamp on the cover issued on 2011, comes from the Migratory Fishes set. This beautiful issue features 6 common migratory fishes to be found on the coast of Portugal or nearby Atlantic Ocean. Below attractive cover is an example of this stamp set.

From left to right :
0,32 € : European River Lamprey (七鳃鳗) ; 0,47 € : Allis Shad (西鯡)
0,68 € : European Flounder (川鰈) ; 0,80 € : Thin-Lipped Grey Mullet (薄唇鯔)

Portugal (2011)
1st April, 2011. Cuba
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