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7 March 2012

Escola Básica Integrada de Arrifes

Braga festival masks (布拉加節日面具)
Portugal (2005)
31st May, 2011. Arrifes, Ponta Delgada

On late May, a commemorative postmark to mark the event of celebrate of 25th anniversary of EBI in Arrifes, a civil parish in Ponta Delgada, Azores. The illustration of the postmark chose Azores Buzzard (亞速爾鵟) as it is only one resident bird of prey in Azores, which is endemic subspecies of Common Buzzard (鵟). However as the illustration was too graphical, it hardly to identify and dislike buzzard, except from the Portuguese description 'O Milhapre'.

More Azores Buzzard can be found in the site Pictures and voices of European and Finnish Birds.
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