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19 March 2012

Fauna series of Slovenia

From left to right :
A : Eurasian Curlew (白腰杓鷸) ; B : White-backed Woodpecker (大赤啄木)
C : Ortolan Bunting (圃鵐)
Slovenia (2011)

5th October, 2011. Službeno, Maribor

After 14 years, fauna series appears again in Slovenia issue program of 2011, the first issue was domestic birds. Not like last fauna bird issue, they are individual format instead of block of 4. And this time also issued a souvenir sheet - White Stork (白鸛). Special thanks to philatelic service of Slovenia Post, they provided excellent service of this issue, as sent the stamps as above cover.

White-backed Woodpecker (大赤啄木)
Slovenia (2011)
23rd September, 2011. Ljubljana
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