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3 March 2012

Herring Gull or Yellow-legged Gull (2)

Thin-Lipped Grey Mullet (薄唇鯔)
Portugal (2011)
7th December, 2011. Póvoa do Varzim

In the end of the last year, Póvoa do Varzim held a philatelic exhibition and of course having variety postmarks use on each days. Póvoa do Varzim near the coastline of Atlantic Ocean, there is suitable for fishing and related industries, the city attracts thousands of seabird whole years. So one of 5 postmarks features Yellow-legged Gull (黄腿鷗), it is one common bird to be found on the beach, piers and fish markets. Although postmark shown Larus argentatus, is the scientific name of Herring Gull. Now two species are individual and southern one as Larus michahellis.

It is hard to identify Yellow-legged Gull and Herring Gull, but their inhabit places are different, Yellow-legged Gull near coastline of southern Europe while Herring Gull is the north. The important differences are the back of Herring Gull is darker and the legs of Yellow-legged Gull is in yellow colour. The Åland's aerogramme shown the Herring Gull.

Herring Gull (銀鷗)
Åland (1996)
16th February, 2012. Sviby, Mariehamn

The stamp on the cover issued on 2011, comes from the Migratory Fishes set. This beautiful issue features 6 common migratory fishes to be found on the coast of Portugal or nearby Atlantic Ocean. Below attractive cover is an example of this stamp set.

From left to right :
0,32 € : European River Lamprey (七鳃鳗) ; 0,47 € : Allis Shad (西鯡)
0,68 € : European Flounder (川鰈) ; 0,80 € : Thin-Lipped Grey Mullet (薄唇鯔)

Portugal (2011)
1st April, 2011. Cuba
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