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27 July 2012

Newly immigrated animal species of Åland

L : Whooper Swan (大天鵝) ; R : Great Cormorant (普通鸕鶿)
Åland (2005)

26th April, 2012. Lemland

After Finland turned into Euro-zone, Åland, which is a state of Finland began to issue new stamps for suitable in Euro currency. Above stamps features three new immigrated birds to be found in Åland is a set of new definitive to its small islands.

Not so surprise, as Åland in the middle of Baltic Sea, it is a important stop of migratory birds from North Pole to southern countries during migration. Two places of Åland is the best to birdwatching, Herröskatan of Lemland is in the east of Åland, there has couple of wooden birdwatching towers in the bank of the Herröskatan for observers. Another good place to birdwatching is Jomala Torpfjärden.

Great Cormorant (普通鸕鶿)
Åland (2005)

26th April, 2012. Lemland
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