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21 August 2012

Birds of prey in Hungary

From left to right :
140Ft : White-tailed Eagle (白尾鷲) ; 180Ft : Red-footed Falcon (紅腳隼)
80Ft : Eastern Imperial Eagle (白肩鵰) ; 345Ft : Saker Falcon (獵鷹)
Hungary (2012)
4th May, 2012. Budapest

Thanks to Hu of his coordinated, the first day cover successfully reached to me after few weeks of issue. But it doesn't have any damage and looks pretty. Of course, in recent years, Hungary issued many beautiful stamps and seem collectable, it is one example to show how beauty they are.

4 birds of prey are common to eastern Europe but sorry as seem hard to find postcards, I don't have plan to coordinate maxicard in short period. Hope the country will issue other bird stamps again in future.
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