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8 August 2012

European Bee-eater

European Bee-eater (黃喉蜂虎)
Spain (2008)

4th May, 2012. Horcajo de los Montes, Ciudad Real

Once again the redo maxicard. European Bee-eater seems common in southern Europe and sub-Sahara area during migratory seasons. In Spain, the European Bee-eater easy to be found in Extremadura and Castile–La Mancha. Tablas de Daimiel National Park is one of birdwatching place in the province of Ciudad Real, Castile–La Mancha.

Horcajo de los Montes is only a small town in Ciudad Real, with population 1,000. Probably is the nearest town to Tablas de Daimiel National Park.
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