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18 October 2012

Europa 2001

Yellow-legged Gull (黄腿鷗)
Gibraltar (2001)

16th April, 2012. Gibraltar

Finally all the items arrived on late-July, while the maxicard arrived on May. I don't have any idea why the envelope travelled 3 months, from Gibraltar to Hong-Kong, isn't it because it sent by registered mail ?

Anyway, this old issue bought in bargain price from internet, which is a main theme Environment to Europa 2001. I was missed it when it is new and seem good luck buy them in bargain price after 10 years. The stamps feature 3 species to be found the nearby water of Gibraltar, as everybody known this small place hold the door of Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, also the nearest point between Europe and Africa. It is the main intersection point to migration of birds and marine life.

By the way, it is oddly to be seen Goldfish on the one of the stamp, is it really find in Gibraltar ?

From left to right :
40p : Common Snapdragon (金魚草) ; 30p : Long-snouted Seahorse (多枝海馬)
54p : Goldfish (鯽魚) ; 42p : Yellow-legged Gull (黄腿鷗)
Gibraltar (2001)

16th April, 2012. Gibraltar
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