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4 October 2012

Gardens by the Bay

Collared Kingfisher (白領翡翠)
Singapore (2012)

28th June, 2012. Toa Payoh Central

Once again Singapore issued garden series in this year, however so pity that the stamp featured Collared Kingfisher again. It is the fourth time of the species on the Singapore issues and of course not much special. Anyway, thanks to Eddie sent me this first day cover which also features last Collared Kingfisher stamp, latest Water Pond definitive series issued on 2011.

Gardens by the Bay is located in South-east reclaimed land of Singapore, where is nearby downtown of this country. In 10 years ago, the government decided reclaim an area outside Marina Bay to build a restore area to attract tourist, which includes hotels, casinos, and ferris wheel - Singapore Flyers.
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