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18 November 2012

Singapore 2015

L : White-bellied Sea-Eagle (白腹海鵰) ; R : Olive-backed Sunbird (黃腹花蜜鳥)
Singapore (2012)

26th September, 2012. Singapore Post Centre

In 2015, it is 50th anniversary of independence of Singapore. To celebrate this event, numbers of association to hold a lot of activities in the year. In August of 2015, a worldwide classed stamp exhibition to be held in Singapore, which is one of activity for the celebration. From 2012, Singapore Post to be issued 4 series of the stamps to promote the exhibition. All of them are retro-published to early independent period of Singapore issues. The first one is 1962 Definitive issue.

White-bellied Sea-Eagle and Olive-backed Sunbird are common species to southern Asia. But, nevertheless, it is rarely to see Olive-backed Sunbird in the stamp of southern countries.

The front cover affixed another issue Giant Panda which is celebrate the arrival of a pair of Giant Pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia. Which presented by China.

Giant Panda (大熊貓)
Singapore (2012)
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