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1 May 2013

Qing dynasty embroidery

From left to right :
(1) Unidentified peacock ; (2/3) Siberian Crane (西伯利亞白鶴) and Crested Myna (鳳頭八哥)
(4) Asian Paradise Flycatcher (壽帶鳥) ; (5) Mandarin Duck (鴛鴦)

Taiwan (2013)
20th March, 2013. Nanhai Post Office, Taipei

In Qing dynasty, decorated embroidery mostly used to decorate the central hall of a house for a wedding or other celebratory occasion,especially those embroidery in red silk. Above stamps feature Qing dynasty lateral curtain with flower and bird embroidery which is a collection of the National Museum of History, is an example show how the beauty of ancient Chinese art. Many of birds are embroidered, however some of birds are can't identify due to people consider the beauty of the bird in this period, by the way those birds are on behalf of luckily to Chinese culture.

Together with individual stamp, an embossed silk souvenir sheet was issue as below, it also features three unidentified peacocks in gold colour.

Unidentified peacock
Taiwan (2013)
20th March, 2013. Nanhai Post Office, Taipei

1 comment:

TomoyoHime said...

Those stamps are really beautiful.

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