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4 June 2013

Vultures of Israel

From left to right :
Lammergeier (鬍兀鷲) ; Lappet-faced Vulture (皺臉禿鷲) and Egyptian Vulture (白兀鷲)
Griffon Vulture (黑白禿鷲)
Israel (2013)
2nd April, 2012. Qazrin

After three years - perhaps two, as one cover has been lost in 2011, a new Israel cover comes into my collection. But I little bit upset that the first day cover features 4 species are very common in my collection, the only main features is they are first time appears on Israel stamps.

This nice first day cover with illustration shown how do those vultures eating their quarries, please note the illustrator also drawn couple of other birds which competing the quarry with vultures.

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