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10 July 2013

National bird of Lithuania

White Stork (白鸛)
Lithuania (2013)
6th April, 2013. Vilnjus

White Stork is common bird in Europe, when I was introduced this species in here. After Albania, Latvia, Italy, Macedonia, Portugal and Austria, it is the seventh country to show their White Stork stamp here. In each summer, White Stork will be migrated from sub-Sahara area to Europe, for their next generation. The males mostly come first to find back their nest and females arrive in following dates. When October, the weather of Europe becomes cold, those White Storks with their chick will migrate back to sub-Sahara area, which are large groups across Mediterranean Sea.

White Stork also is a national bird of Lithuania, of course it is easily to obverse this species through out the country, and its neighbourhood countries.

White Stork (白鸛)
Lithuania (2013)
6th April, 2013. Vilnjus

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EC said...

Hi Bird friend, just a note to let you know that my last two entries are bird related!
Take care

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