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17 August 2013

Récifs d'Entrecasteaux

From top to bottom :
110F : Austropacific Masked Booby (藍臉鰹鳥/西太平洋亞種)

150F : Eastern Reef Heron (太平洋岩鷺)
New Caledonia (2013, 2012)

31st May, 2013. Noumea (Philatelic Office)

Récifs d'Entrecasteaux are coral outcropping northwest of New Caledonia, uninhabited. Are located at 180 km from the north-western tip of Grande Terre, in line with Belep Islands which are separated by the "Grand Passage" Strait of 500 to 600meters deep. They form the northern boundary of the lagoon of the archipelago of New Caledonia.

The Récifs d'Entrecasteaux have an important seabird area, and as such is listed as important area for bird conservation by BirdLife International. The most sedentary species are represented, for example, the Great Frigatebird and Lesser Frigatebird, Austropacific Masked Booby, Brown Booby and Red-footed Booby. It is also an important nesting site for several species of terns : Crested Tern or Sooty Tern, representing approximately 1% of the world population.
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