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20 December 2013

Bras d'Eau National Park

Bras d'Eau National Park (Bras d'Eau國家公園)
Mauritius (2013)

16th October, 2013. Waterfront

In the east of Mauritius, the Bras d'Eau Reserve stretches out over an area of 1,235 acres. It takes its name from the mass of water in the shape of an arm that traverses it. Originally made up of the Bras d'Eau and Mare-Sacelle Nature Reserves, it has been listed as a national park since October 2011. It brings together various animal and plant species in an area that mainly consists of forests. The park is notably home to trees that rise 40m tall, such as the Australian White Eucalyptus and the Florida Mahogany.

Mascarene Martin (馬島原燕)
Mauritius (2013)

16th October, 2013. Central Flacq
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