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8 March 2014

Birds of the Alps

From left to right :
Tengmalm's Owl (鬼鴞) ; Capercaillie (松雞) ; Grey-faced Woodpecker (灰頭綠啄木鳥)
Lammergeier (胡兀鷲) ; Rock Ptarmigan (岩雷鳥)
Italy (2013)
4th December, 2013. Feltre, Belluno

Thanks to my friend of this surprise, he sent me this cover on day of issue. After more than 18 years Italy Post Office released a set of birds again on last year, it looks beautiful, five stamps illustrated different species which mainly live in Alps, the northern part of Italy. The Alps divided Europe into two parts, southern Europe is mostly in warm and sunny weather, while rainy and cool in winter, thus there provides enough food and suitable to migratory birds for middle stop.

Rock Ptarmigan (岩雷鳥)
Italy (2013)
4th December, 2013. Feltre, Belluno

Capercaillie (松雞)
Italy (2013)
4th December, 2013. Spiazzo, Trentino

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