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31 May 2014

Chinese Dinosaurs

Microraptor gui (顧氏小盜龍)
Hong-Kong (2014)
20th February, 2014. International Mail Centre

Microraptor gui, a carnivorous dromaeosaurid dinosaur in the Early Cretaceousperiod(around 120 million years ago), was the most well-known kind of feathered dinosaur. Its fossils were unearthed in western Liaoning Province. The species was named after the famous palaeontologist Gu Zhiwei. Microraptor gui was about 1 metre long with a massive tail more than half of its body length. It lived mostly in woods, and had the ability to glide between trees. A batch of feathered dinosaur fossils, discovered in Liaoning Province in 2000 by researchers of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, provides evidence to support the theory that birds are descended from dinosaurs.
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