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19 July 2014

Birds of Slovenia, a new definitive stamp series

From left to right :
A : Crag Martin (岩燕) ; B : Common Merganser (川秋沙)
C : Lesser Kestrel (黃爪隼) ; D : Ural Owl (長尾林鴞) ; 0,36 € : Eurasian Bittern (大麻鳽)
Slovenia (2014)
31st May, 2014. Službeno, Maribor

Slovenia starts their new definitive series after the Wild Flowers, which issued on 2007. The first five are A to D, and 0,36 Euros for basic rates, and perhaps more to be come. Crag Martin is 14–15 cm long and thus a fairly large representative of the swallow family. It is a rare nesting bird in Slovenia, limited to the western and northeastern part of the country. It belongs to the summer species, but it is the only swallow that can also be seen in winter in certain warmer or southern parts of Slovenia. Common Merganser, being 57–69 cm long, the common merganser is the largest of the three merganser species in the duck family that can be found in Slovenia. Lesser Kestrel is 29–32 cm long and so slightly smaller than the common kestrel, commonly found in Slovenia. Unfortunately, it has become extinct as a nesting bird in the country and can only be seen when flying through. Ural Owl is one of the largest representatives of the family of typical owls in Slovenia, and stays here throughout the year. Eurasian Bittern stay in Slovenia the whole year round. They build their nests on the ground, using reeds and twigs. They lay three to four eggs, and raise one to two broods a year.

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