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21 November 2015

Golden Oriole and Golden Plover

From left to right :
€1,42 : Eurasian Golden-Plover (歐金斑鴴) ; €0,71 : Golden Oriole (金黃鸝)
Latvia (2015)
28th June, 2015. Liepaja

Golden Oriole is the only member of the oriole family of passerine birds breeding in Northern Hemisphere temperate regions. It is a summer migrant in Europe and western Asia and spends the winter season in central and southern Africa. Golden orioles have an extremely large range with large populations that are apparently stable. Therefore, they are evaluated as least concern by BirdLife International.

European Golden Plover is a largish plover. This species is similar to two other golden plovers. American golden plover, Pluvialis dominica, and Pacific golden plover, Pluvialis fulva, are both smaller, slimmer and relatively longer-legged than European golden plover, and both have grey rather than white axillary feathers.

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