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9 January 2016

Animal poaching awareness

From left to right :
Cape Parrot (海角鸚鵡) ; Grey Crowned-Crane (灰冠鶴)
Wattled Crane (肉垂鶴) ; Grey Crowned-Crane (灰冠鶴)
South Africa (2015), Transkei (1991)
10th March, 2015. Menlyh

The Endangered Wildlife Trust has been engaged to train staff at South Africa’s international mail centres so that X-ray machine operators know how to identify animals and animal parts in parcels to foreign countries. The contents of all outgoing international mail items are checked by means of X-ray machines.

The elegant grey crowned crane graces many of Africa's wetlands. Threats to their populations include illegal capture for the pet trade and the loss or degradation of suitable wetland habitat, due to an increasing human population and demand for agricultural land and freshwater sources. These birds are listed as endangered.

The Cape parrot is South Africa’s only endemic parrot species and is found in the fragmented southern mistbelt forests. Over the past 150 years, illegal capture for the wild-caught bird trade has reduced the numbers of the global wild population to less than 1600 individuals.

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