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12 June 2011

Hawaiian rain forest

L : Elepaio (蚋鶲) and Maui Amakihi (茂島綠雀) ; R : Iiwi (鐮嘴管舌鳥)
United States (2010)

26th January, 2011. St Louis, Missouri

Firstly thanks Bob never mind to send me again this cover due to the first one lost in post, it is nice and seem to be finished my Natural series of United States, although only three have been collected. The last series, features variety species if Hawaiian rain forest and as the islands located in the middle of Pacific Ocean, most of land species are endemic to Hawaii.

Hawaii Amakihi (夏威夷綠雀) are widely to be found in Hawaii, it has two subspecies - H. v. virens and Maui Amakihi H. v. wilsoni, the stamp probably illustrated that. As well as the name, the bird endemic to Maui, the second large island of Hawaii. The different of them are the wings of Hawaii Amakihi are in grey colour but Maui Amakihi is in dark black.

Elepaio originally has three subspecies but they now separated, the stamp only shown a small bird similar to female bird of this species.

Iiwi, is one of five endemic honeycreepers in Hawaii, those five species are in one separated family Drepanididae (管舌鳥科). Bird is in a colourful sharped reddish colour with long pink bill.