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3 February 2009

Black-faced Spoonbill

Black-faced Spoonbill (黑面琵鷺)
Taiwan (2004, pre-paid envelope 2005)
21st November, 2008. Chigo

Yesterday is International Wetland Day, however seem no one knows it as there was no news report in here.

Black-faced spoonbill is very famous in Hongkong. During late autumn, thousand of Black-faced Spoonbill start their long journey from Korea peninsula and North-east of China to south-east Asia, include Taiwan, Hongkong, and most farthest place of Vietnam.

Deep Bay is the most important living place for them in Hongkong, many bird-watchers will visit Maipo, Namsanwai to obverse them, and also wetland park in Tinshuiwai which operated by FNO. In Taiwan, the famous bird-watching place is Tsengwen Estuary wetlands of Tainan. Above pre-paid Black-faced spoonbill envelope with whole set of same illustration stamps, is sent from Chigo, which Tsengwen River is pass through there. The below envelope, sent from Hongkong to Portugal, bear with one Portuguese postage label, to mark the Poste Restante fee have been paid.

At last, thanks James from Taipei and Ruí from Vendas Novas of Portugal, to send me and collect those envelopes.

Hongkong (2006)
22nd September, 2008. Maonshan
30th September, 2008. Vendas Novas

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