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16 February 2009


Since 1985, Belgium releases a series of bird definitive stamps, about 120 stamps have been issued and the series is continuing. All stamps are illustrated by famous Belgian animals and plants artist André Buzin. As this series of stamps, he got the award of 'Prix du Roi'. Here I shown two covers franked with recent issues, sent by an ebay seller and Thomas separately. Thank you Thomas for his great mail.

0,70 € : Common Swift (普通樓燕) ; 0,23 € : Eurasian Jackdaw (寒鴉)
Belgium (2007)
7th October, 2007. Bruxelles

Common Swift can be widely found in European countries and northern Asia, in winter it migrate to southern islands in Atlantic and Indian Ocean. Same as swift, dunnock and jackdaw also widely live in Eurasian countries but not migratory. Nutcracker is live in northern Europe to Far East area of Russia. Green-winged Teal can be found in North America and most places of northern area of Europe and Asia, and they will fly over million miles to southern islands in South Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Ocean in winters. Those three owls, are widely live in Europe and Asia.

1st column - 0,15 € : Eurasian Nutcracker (星鴉) ; 0,10 € : Dunnock (林岩鷚)
2nd column - 0,10 € : Tengmalm's Owl (鬼鴞)
3rd column - 0,06 € : Little Owl (縱紋腹小鴞) ; 0,23 € : Eurasian Jackdaw (寒鴉)
4th column - 0,40 € : Long-eared Owl (長耳鴞) ; 0,05 € : Green-winged Teal (綠翅鴨)
Belgium (2007, 2008)
4th February, 2009. Gent
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