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10 February 2009

Chinese birds

From left to right :
Tibetan Bunting (藏鵐), Sukatschev's Laughingthrush (黑額山噪鶥)
Golden Pheasant (紅腹錦雞) and Xinjiang Ground Jay (白尾地鴉)
China (2008)
28th February, 2008. Guangzhong Road, Shanghai
(featuring first day postmark used in Shanghai)

Actually, it is a souvenir sheet contains 6 different bird stamps, for me I don't collect and reject to collect cover which wider than 200 mm, so I suggested my friend tear all the stamps from the sheet.

On this cover, there is selected four stamps of them, those birds are live in different places in this country. They have been appeared on stamps before, either special stamps or definitive stamps, however illustrator Zeng Xiaolian done a best job of this sheet, and it looks more beautiful then those old issue - although some old issues designed by him.

In this issue, Taiwan Blue Magpie appears on one of 6 stamps, I don't like this country issue this stamp as it can't be found in China. I introduced wonderful Taiwanese issue before, and this species only lives in Taiwan, seem I won't need record it in my collection.

The cover is clearly to find all stamps and postmarks, thanks for Fan lives in Shanghai. He has a nice blog features his worldwide FDC collection.

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