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20 February 2009

Domestic birds of Switzerland (2)

Chaffinch (蒼頭燕雀)
Switzerland (2007)
14th September, 2007. Sempach Stadt

Continue to post the definitive stamps of Switzerland. Shown here are three maxicards feature Chaffinch, Great Tit and Wallcreeper separately. Chaffinch and Great Tit are very common in Europe mainland and England Islands, mostly can be found them in gardens or fields. Those two cards are illustrated a pair of birds by same artist, published in Switzerland and over 60 years ages. Sempach is a town in the middle of Switzerland, pictorial postmark shown the sight of the town.

Great Tit (大山雀)
Switzerland (2007)
12th September, 2007. Jura, Fribourg

Wallcreeper lives in Alps or high-level areas, built the nest on the rock to bleed their chicks. Zernez is a small village in south Alps nearest Italy border and is a main entry to Swiss National Park, Ibex (羱羊) is a common habitant in the park and Alps so postmark has its illustration.

Wallcreeper (紅翅懸壁雀)
Switzerland (2007)
9th February, 2009. Zernez
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