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6 February 2009

Emperor Penguin

Emperor Penguin (皇帝企鵝)
French Southern and Antarctic Territory (2002)
2nd November, 2008. Dumont D’Urville

Emperor Penguin is the largest penguin in the world. Before the discovery of Emperor Penguin, King Penguin is the largest Penguin, for divide them clearly after it was be discovered in Antarctic, scientist named them Emperor Penguin. These two species look similarly however Emperor is little bit larger and different, especially their chicks, King Penguin’s chick grown grey fur but Emperor is blown. Emperor Penguin only lives in Antarctic mainland and nearby islands, but mainly bleeding in mainland during summer. One of their natural enemy is Leopard Seal.

These two covers are sent from different antarctic bases which operated by French government and Australian government separately. The first one, seal on the left side illustrated Emperor Penguin and marked it is their 58 years to exploration of Antarctic. Another one cancelled with a postmark illustrated outlook of Davis Station. Same as most mails from Antarctic, there have a seal mark the location of the base. France one is 140º1'E 66º40’S and Australia one is 77º58'E 68º35’S.

Australian Antarctic Territory (2000)
17th December, 2007. Davis Station

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