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4 February 2009

Endangered Species - Canada

Left : Burrowing Owl (穴鴞) ; Right : Prothonotary Warbler (藍翅黃森鶯)
Bottom : Roseate Tern (粉紅燕鷗)
Canada (2008)
1st October, 2008. Semans, Saskatchewan

It is the last set of Endangered Species stamp series issued by Canada, last two sets are illustrated different marine life and wildlife animals. On the cover shown three of these four stamps, and the forth one is butterfly stamp illustrated Taylor’s Checkerspot (泰勒氏格紋蛺蝶).

Burrowing Owl is becoming rare bird, only 88 pairs recorded in 1998 and only Grasslands National Park which located in border of Saskatchewan can be observed inside Canada. Prothonotary Warbler is wildly living in western part of North America, they look like Yellow Warbler. In Canada, mostly can be found in southwestern Ontario. Roseate Tern is a seabird can be found in western Atlantic, from Nova Scotia to Iles de la Madeleine. However it also can be found in western Pacific, Hongkong has been issue Roseate Tern stamp includes in definitive stamps issued on 2006.

Above cover was sent on the first day of issue, featuring one oyster farming definitive stamp, thank Eve for this cover. Below cover shown Roseate Tern stamp sent from Hongkong.

Roseate Tern (粉紅燕鷗)
Hongkong (2006)
22nd December, 2008. Sun Chui, Shatin

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