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22 February 2009

Kosovo Relief Fund

20c : Phoenix Petrel (白腹圓尾鸌) ; 55c : Great Frigatebird (小軍艦鳥)
$1 : Long-tailed Cuckoo (長尾杜鵑)
35c : Central Pacific Sooty Tern (中太平洋烏燕鷗)
Tuvalu (1999)
16th May, 2008. Funafuti

Tuvalu is a poor country of the stamp issue policy, most of stamps can't be used on normal postal service. Above stamp set maybe not have exception, as post office packed it in another envelope and sent back for me. The stamps are related to Kosovo issued on 1999, overprinted on definitive stamp set issued on 1988. I don't have any comment on the stamps, they are not nice or very ugly, those four species or subspecies are common in south Pacific and New Zealand. However I am very disappointed on the postmark, they are near unreadable. If not check the unofficial philatelic website of Tuvalu, I never understand what it means.
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