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11 February 2009

Nature protection in Italy

Left : Posidonia Seagrass (波喜盪草) ; Right : Peregrine Falcon (游隼)
Italy (1991)
20th January, 2009. Milano
31st January, 2009. Hongkong

After I set this blog up, I received some exchange requests, I am happy to receive them as I can exchange more stamps and covers from different places. Here is one of them, which is by Gottardi from Milano, thanks his great mail, the stamps are beautiful. Although I don't understand Italian and need couple of time to find stamp details. Stamps are come from nature protection stamp set issued on 1991, four stamps are Posidonia Seagrass, Peregrine Falcon, and two carry with WWF logo are Sardinian Deer (撒丁島鹿) and Brown Bear (棕熊) separately.

Posidonia Seagrass only can be found under Mediterranean Sea and south of Australia, In 2006, found an area of Posidinia Seagrass about 8 km width outside south of Ibiza, Spain. Their life maybe over ten thousands year. Peregrine Falcon can be regularly found in North America, Europe mainland, most area of Africa except Sahara, south-east Asia and shore of Australia.

Cover also features a dog and one definitive stamp indicated euro currency. However I don't have more details and will not introduce in here.

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