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23 February 2009

Waterbirds of Uzbekistan

45s : White-headed Duck (白頭硬尾鴨) ; 250s : White-tailed Eagle (白尾鷲)
350s : Pygmy Cormorant (侏鸕鶿) ; 350s : Marbled Teal (雲石斑鴨)
Uzbekistan (2006)
19th May, 2008. Tashkent
28th May, 2008. Moscow
3rd June, 2008. Hongkong

Those four birds are common in mid-Asian countries, and north Africa during their migrating season, sometimes White-tailed Eagle to be found in northern Europe. The cover is not the best as the stamps have been torn off from souvenir sheet. Sender told me his post office is not allow him frank whole sheet on the envelope, however I found that other mails from Uzbekistan done it, anyway it seems okay for me. On the back of the envelope, the arrival postmark has something wrong, the year is overturned and be crossed out by postman. Very oddly as it is not easy to find wrong postmark in Hongkong.

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